Commercial Vehicles


Bus, Train, Tram and Custom Commercial Products

SWF components include:

Column Stalks and Indicators
Wiper Components

Gas Struts

Our SWF components suit Bus, Train, Tram and custom vehicles.

Bus Builders and Maintenance Officers find your ideal SWF components at Frys Spares shipped from our Sydney and Brisbane Warehouses. Give us a bell on our free call: 1800 379 777.

Wiper Enquiry

Please provide the following information so we can assist you in designing a system for you.

Being the first importers of SWF wiper systems and components since 1996 we have seen a lot of commercial builders move towards the brand for its reliability. We stock wiper arms, blades, switches, inserts, column stalks, and wiper motors.

We have expanded our commercial sector to include an outlet in Acacia Ridge, Queensland as well as having an outlet in Crow’s Nest Sydney.

Mark Fry is our expert having been brought up on SWF and is contactable on 07 3373 8099 for any of your product enquiries.

In Sydney Keith Wallington is on hand with over a decade of experience. He is contactable on 02 9438 4588.

We know our product and only import our components from Europe with the European stamp. We know that its quality from SWF. If you want to build it to last, contact us.