Wipers are OUR Thing

Selling to Bus Manufactures, Bus Fleets, Military Vehicles, Trams, Trains, RV’s, Car enthusiasts, and Mechanics. We know Wipers, Wiper blades, Wiper systems, Motors, Range and applications… We even design Wiper Systems for Customary use.

Stocking a wide range of Wiper brands, lengths and applications including SWF, Valeo, Bosch and Trico.

SWF 1 Meter Blade Special

1 Meter Wiper Blade SWF 132000
$ 50
  • SWF is No.1 OEM Supplier in Europe
  • Made and Designed in Europe
  • Best Selling Wiper Blade!
  • Just Flat $12.50 Delivery Sydney and Brisbane Wide (Or Free Pick up!)

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Commercial Wipers

Carrying Trico, SWF, Bosch and Valeo we have wiper systems, blades, motors, and all components to suit your commercial vehicle.